How To Prepare For Binary Trading

How To Prepare For Binary Trading

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Even though binary trading is very easy to learn and understand, it is necessary to prepare for it in order to be successful enough. The preparation requires some time and effort, especially if you are completely new to this concept and to trading in general. Do not let yourself get discouraged by this, because as they say: nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you are really determined to pursue binary trading, there are many sources where you can learn and practice and many ways to find the information you need. Here we will deal with several basic steps to take before you start trading, considering that you have never traded before.

The Dow Falls On Poor Economic Data In The Housing And Job MarketFirst of all, you need to learn the basic terms and concepts of this kind of trading. There are many websites offering very comprehensive and rich glossaries of binary-related terms, which you can study in order to better understand the concept. Other than terms, there are also various educational materials that can be found online, such as video lessons and e-books, which provide more information on various aspects of trading. Here you will be able to find a lot – how to use a trading platform, what types of binary options are there and how they work, how to read economic calendars and charts and much more. It is recommended to read these educational materials and watch the videos, because you will get a better insight on how everything works and it will seem much less confusing than when you first encountered binary trading.

After you get acquainted with the basic concepts in theory and feel that you are ready to create an account with a broker, another kind of research will be ahead of you. It is necessary to find a good broker, which is regulated, reliable and offers favorable trading conditions. You should look at the lists of best binary options brokers, read the reviews and also pay attention to the comments and experiences of other traders, so you get a full insight. Choose several brokers that seem good enough for you, and then read their terms and conditions, payout rates and deposit methods they offer, what bonuses they have etc. You can create an account with only one of them for a start, but as your experience grows, you can create accounts with a few more brokers, especially if you decide to connect some of the accounts with binary robots.


When choosing a broker, it is recommended that they offer a demo account. Most brokers have a demo trading platform, which is the same as the real one. Some of them offer it unconditionally, while the most of them will require you to create an account before they allow you to use the demo platform. It is a good way of practicing the trading process in real time, on a platform that looks exactly as the real one, but without losing any money. After gaining a theoretical knowledge, it is always good to apply it, and this is when demo platform proves as a very useful tool.

After learning, choosing a broker and practicing, it only remains to place the first deposit and begin trading. Do not forget to constantly learn and improve yourself, because as you do so, your trading success is going to rise.
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Top 5 Binary Option Robots

Top 5 Binary Option Robots

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Trading binary options is not completely new as a concept, since it represented a part of the forex market even during the 70’s of the previous century. However, it earned the status of an independent market less than 10 years ago, and since then it has been developing rapidly, growing in number of innovations related to this kind of trading. Therefore, we now have various types of binary options other than Call/Put, together with some inventions that make binary trading easier, such as binary signals and binary option robots. Systems for automated trading (binary option robots) are a very fresh concept, still developing and growing in popularity, and still trying to achieve high accuracy in predicting the outcome of the traded options. It is a useful invention for those who want to trade binary options, but need to save some time for other activities, or simply cannot spend all the time in front of the computer and on the trading platform.

borpIt is difficult to say what the best binary option robot is. It all depends on your needs and habits as a trader, but it is the most important to keep your account safe even safe when the robot trades on your behalf, in order for it not to clear out your account. Also, it is important that the robot’s accuracy in predicting is as high as possible, but keep in mind that the robot can never be 100% accurate. After all, neither can a human trader, no matter how experienced he is. If you are considering using a binary robot, here is the list of the best 5 binary robots currently available online:

1. Binary Option Robot – a fully automated trading robot connected with some of the most widely used brokers, available free of charge. This robot provides high accuracy in predicting and it has a large choice of features enabling you to create the trading parameters so that they fit your needs and habits. A maximum amount of loss can also be set on daily basis, so when the robot reaches it, it will automatically stop the trading session for the day.

2. Algobit – this is a rewarded binary robot, available for free. It offers up to 81% accuracy, it is very user-friendly and it can also be used with the accounts of many reputable brokers.

3. Investocopy – another trading robot available for free. They also offer a $500 welcome bonus to every new user. It is based on social trading, which means that it copies the trading strategies and decisions from other successful users. Copying is charged in credits which can be bought on Investocopy, but they are very affordable. It is also possible to obtain free credits in many ways.

borpo4. Binary Hedge Fund – this is another robot that can be connected with reliable brokers. It allows highly accurate automatic trading. It is free of charge to create an account no download is needed because everything is performed through the software located on the website by using a browser.

5. Binary Auto Trader – this is the system for automatic trading that can be found on Stockpair and used by the traders who have an account with this broker. This is one of the most user-friendly brokers on the market, and it allows all its users to use their automated trading system for free.

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How To Choose And Use Free Binary Trading Signals

How To Choose And Use Free Binary Trading Signals

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Binary trading has reached many users over the years, and it is one of the fastest growing trading methods in the world. Thanks to the simplicity of the concept, many of those who have no previous trading experience decide to try their chances in this discipline. Some of them fail, some succeed and they even make binary trading their only source of income. If you have no knowledge of trading whatsoever, the chances are 50-50 that you will achieve positive trading results. Still, if you dedicate some time to learning, exploring and keeping yourself informed, you can immensely increase your chances of success.

Finger touches the screen and checking the stock marketEven though proper knowledge and information are necessary to be successful in binary trading (just like in anything else, as a matter of fact), it can be very time consuming and demanding to constantly monitor the trends on the market and be constantly present online. This is especially difficult and it even gives no result if you are still a beginner in binary trading. This is why binary signals have been invented. They come in various forms and they can be paid or free of charge, depending on the way they were created and the estimated accuracy. Most binary brokers, such as Banc de Binary, offer trading signals free of charge once you create an account with them and place the first deposit.

Free binary signals can come in various forms. First, you can subscribe to receiving the signals that represent something like news digest based on market analysis and concentrated on the asset or assets you trade. There are websites specialized in these types of signals, and they provide you with the news narrowed down to the assets you trade, so you do not have to read all economic, financial and market news and search for the specific assets you need. Signals like this are also available with many brokers, and they are usually delivered to the users by email. They come free of charge with the broker’s account, and they are suitable for those who have at least some experience in binary trading.

τradeAnother type of trading signals is signals that give you the suggestion on whether to call or put a certain option. They are based on market analysis, and they do not provide the users with news digest, but with a short suggestion whether to call or put a certain option. These signals should not be considered as a must, but simply a suggestion, and the final decision always on the trader. These signals are usually received by email, SMS or they can be found on the website of the signal provider or the broker, since some binary brokers also offer these types of signals to their users.

Lastly, you can get trading alerts or signals on the trading platform itself; all you need to do is register with the broker and start trading. These signals show how risky it is to call or put a certain option, which can help you with the decision on how much to invest and whether to trade a certain asset at certain time at all. These alerts are also offered free of charge, and other than human users, they are also used by binary trading robots, which base their “decisions” on these signals.
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